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Our Affiliate program:

Cluevest's affiliate program is a perfect choice to connect and represent the high-end lifestyle brand and help other people to experience Cluevest. Cluevest is a well renowned name with a strong brand presence and brand authority in personal and professional development. By connecting with Cluevest, helps you to target the high-end audience and connect with them and help them to find the right products & services for personal and professional development. Here are the main reasons to become an affiliate of Cluevest.

1: High end brand in personal & professional development. 
2: Quality and results-oriented. 
3: Opportunity to connect with like-minded people.
4: Opportunity to learn and experience our brand. 
5: Opportunity to have a close relationship with the management. 
6: Opportunity to earn a decent amount of income up to 15% on net sales.
7: Easily track your earnings from the affiliate dashboard. 
8: Instant payments every month based on sales after covering 60-day money-back guarantee clause.
9:  Ongoing support & training to empower you with the right skills. 
10: Global market of our products & services. 
11: Continousely expanding product portfolio and a growing company. 
12: Higher demand of our products & services. 

Cluevest welcomes everyone to join our affiliate program and start representing and earning money from affiliate sales. Cluevest brand is built and insists strong values that make a Cluevest which Cluevest is today and will be tomarrow. Our values are strongly integrated into our culture, and everything is aligned with our internal organizational policies. Before to join Cluevest as an affiliate, it's very important that you understand and agree with our policy. We can terminate your affiliate program at any time if your values and act would be against to our business practices and organizational values. Please take a moment to read our affiliate policy before you join us as an affiliate partner. 

Cluevest Affiliate policy: 

1: Customers' data privacy is very important, and you cannot use customer data for any other purpose and cannot give to any other person. You cannot even mention any customer name without customer approval to anyone. Any violation will immediately disqualify you as an affiliate and we reserve the right for legal proceedings if demage is subsantial.  
2: You cannot be an affiliate of any other brand, which is a direct competitor to us. 
3: You should always think the customer first and always give an honest representation of our products and services to customers. 
4: You should have at least an undergraduate degree to join our affiliate program. 
5: All the promotional campaigns internal strategies are confidential, and you should not expose to the external audience. 
6: You should never give a lower price to customers than the original price of products/services. 
7: Affiliate program is an active version, and you cannot be passive. It means that at least you need to sell any two products/services in each quarter. If you would be unable to sell consistently in two quarters, your affiliate program will be canceled. 
8: Your affiliate program will also be canceled if you do any serious crime, use or sell drugs, become involved in any illegal activity or talk negatively about any race, religion, ethnicity, country, group of people. 
9: Cluevest reserves the right to limit our affiliate program or cancel it at any time, if we see it is affecting our brand negatively, or we need to make some internal changes in our policies. 

Compemensation levels: 

Cluevest gives you access to direct affiliate links which you can use in your campaigns and send to your prospects, family, friends to buy our products and services by following those links. Any customer that will come and buy through your affiliate links will be considered your customer and will qualify you for commissions. You can see your links' performance by logging into the affiliate dashboard, and you even can use any other external tool/application. We use cookies to track the visitors and buyers, and your links are valid up to 90 days. This 90 days compensation term applies if the customer has not previously subscribed to us or have not bought/tested that specific product. Our affiliate program is automated by the same terms, and you can easily track your performance in your dashboard. 

Cluevest gives you onetime 15% of net sales, and we do not offer any other compensation levels due to prioritize our brand consistency. These earning are available at this time with books and business training programs [only if customers are buying on cash]. We are a growing company and continuously investing and improving our applications and software. We have a top priority to give our affiliates a best system for their performance and also make it available across our all products and services. We will keep you updated as we make more improvements in our affiliate program. 

We at Cluevest are committed for your success and provide you all the necessary tools, strategies and training. Please feel free to always reach out to us, and we would be more than happy to help you and put you on a higher level of success. 

You can join now our affiliate program by clicking the link below and see you inside. 

                         Join Affiliate program                        
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