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Terms & Conditions:

1: Our all products & services have a 60-days money-back guarantee. Money-back guarantee means if our product/service does not deliver the value what it is in product/service's description. This applies to all products & services except: Business & professional consultancy, Business reports; keynote speaking.

2: We do not take any responsibility for the end results by using our services. Our specialists are very talented in what they do. Markets are very uncertain, driven and affected by so many factors. Our business support team do its best to create value in companies and for owners. Businesses led by so many factors and more especially by company culture and employees. Our specialists do their best job as they can. We do not take any responsibility for the end results. We work with a big amount of data and information, and it can come any mistakes in our reports. We do our best, but we are also humans. With any mistakes or errors in our report, we do not take any responsibility. This same applies even to our business & professional consultancy services.

3: We are competent people with passion to create value for our customers. Our work requires to read and research too much information, and we work with a big amount of data to make our conclusions and then write our reports. These all work require hard work and time. We do our best to deliver all our reports within two or three weeks. Our reports are customized to our customers' desires. In addition, some reports may need more hard work and time due to the nature of business and our customers desires. It can come work burden, seasonal effects or other human factors like sickness or other factors, which are not in our control. Due to these different circumstances, our reports can delay more than two weeks. We prefer quality work, and we are not in a hurry. We always keep our customers well informed by having a good communication. Our all customers have the right to cancel the Business reports' order within four hours after they have placed the order.

4: We are neutral in our analysis reports and give a rational and clear picture as possible for businesses and even in all our other reports. Our all specialists have a deep interest in investments, and it might be possible that they previously have investments in these companies. We have an internal policy that to not be a buyer or seller in those reports which we deliver for at least next 30 days. 

5: All information on our websites, pictures, text, styles are copyright material of Cluevest, LLC. With an illegal use of our material and copyrights, brand, we reserve the right to sue and require heavy penalties. Our reports' layout and styles are copyrights of Cluevest, LLC. These will not be copied and used in your own reports or in any other purpose. Reports will be used only as an information to the target audience. All materials in our reports are copyrights of Cluevest, LLC. This material should not be distributed on social media or through other channels to the public. All copyrights and analysis tools which are created within our company by our employees or external consultants are copyrights of Cluevest, LLC. All information and pictures from our training and workshops  are also copyrights of Cluevest, LLC. We even take pictures and videos of particpants, and we use these pictures and films to improve our services and even use them in our marketing. We reserve the right to take pictures, films with our training and workshops. To make pictures or films of our slides on our events, trainings and workshops is not allowed. 

6: We follow privacy protection law & GDPR. We do not distribute our clients' information to external parties. We even do not share our customers' secret information about their business to external parties or with a media. We have a right to contact our customers for to send them invitations, marketing material or other useful information for to help our customers with their growth. We use this information in our other businesses for to offer better services and products to our customers. Cluevest, LLC owns brands: Cluevest Business Cast; Legerwise and Starnox. Cluevest Business Cast provides interesting contents about business & lifestyle, Legerwise offers accounting services, and Starnox offers services related to digital marketing and content creations.

7: We accept cash and invoice methods for to make convenient for our customers. Invoice method is only available in those countries where we have our own offices. All invoices should be paid within the stated time periods which are two weeks, if it is not mentioned on the invoice. We reserve the right to charge interest and other charges with payment delays. Late-payment charges are 11% interest rate. We are result driven consultant company, and our contracts differ in industries and among the customers related to compensation and bonuses. We apply fix rate charges + compensation based on results, which include profit sharing based on percentage of sales, profitability, growth, effectiveness of business operation and other financial ratios. We do not take any responsibility with any losses. All our products & services are separate entities. We reserve the right for to increase the price due to increased cost or due to any other economic measures. 

8: We offer payments plan on some of our products & services for to make them easily accessible to our customers and help them to grow by investing on powerful tools that will empower them. Payment plans' prices remain the same for customers on which price they buy our any product/service, which offer payment plans. Prices are subject to change due to market forces and new prices only apply to new customers. We have higher administration and capital cost to offer these payment plans, and this cost is added in the payment plans prices. Customers are obliged to make their payments on the time to avoid any late-payment charges. Late-payment charges are 19% which we charge to cover extra administration cost. Additionally, we take necessary steps to recover our capital, and these include blacklisting the customers; lawsuits; Credit collection companies, etc. These all additional steps' cost is also charged from the customers. 

9: In business consultancy packages, we do not take any responsibility to create desired results & growth. We do our best to add maximum value with our skills and professional expertise, and we are absolutely passionate about this. The business/individual performance can be  affected by so many natural and unnatural factors, which are sometimes difficult to identify, control and to get the desired results in any given situation. In addition, every individual/business is unique and has different challenges that need to be addressed by our professional expertise. For delay in payments, we charge 19% interest rate to cover our cost. Results based compensation related to gross profits will be paid quartely while growth-related compensation will be added annually. Growth-related payment can be settled in terms of cash or also in terms of ownership of stocks for listed companies and percentage ownership of company/business for unlisted companies. Results based compensation only applies to business packages. 

10: We use many suppliers of information, research and financial data. We even have suppliers of research for different sectors and branches, which contribute with analysis and research. We have long-term contracts with them, and we have ongoing costs for these services. These all tools improve the quality of our work in our reports. We may need any external supplier for any specific analysis report with which we do not have any existing contract. It can increase our cost for any specific analysis reports. With any eventual need for any additional external service, we reserve the right to increase the price after an order has been taken place, but we will always communicate with our customers, and we will do only after their acceptance, or we will not proceed further. 

11: We use our customers as a reference and in our marketing for our business interest. We reserve the right to use our customers in our marketing. We usually even request video comments for to improve our marketing on different digital channels. You as a customer have a right to not participate in our marketing material, in that case you are encouraged to communicate this to us.

12: We reserve the right to cancel any order for any specific service and even can close the order for some services for a time being due to workload or due to any other factors.

13: Our all services are global. We write reports for all markets and businesses. Our reports about property investment analysis are only available for those countries in which we have our own offices. It is due to the requirement of closer understanding of the location. Find more information related to this in "Contact Us" page. We offer our reports in English and in Swedish language. [Note: In some sub-domains-"Contact Us" page is mentioned together with "About Us" page.].

14: We only offer e-books & other digital products. Most of our books are also available as a print edition with other retailers. You are encouraged to buy digital products directly from us as it cut down the business layers which also take their percentages from our sales. It indirectly helps us to lower our prices, which is good for our customers. If you need print edition of our books, then you can buy them from any other retailer. We do not offer print edition of books as we want to focus on our key business products & services. 

15: Customers need to inform us at least 72 hours before in case of any emergency that they will be unable to attend a Business training program. Customers' tickets are valid, and they can attend business training at any later date within two years. We also hold the rights to do not let any customer/s attend business training program and will postpone for any later convenient date. This can happen due to a number of reasons, which include sickness, health risk, other factors, which are not in our control. 

16: While you book a keynote speaker, we hold the right to charge you for these services. Although if your event date and schedule will be changed due to any reason, then you need to inform us at least 96 hours before to avoid the full invoice charges.

17: Our some books are specifically only available to those customers who attend that specific Business training program. You as a customer need to use a same email address to buy these books. If you are not a customer of that specific program that book belongs to, we will charge you for the full program fee. We also communicate this actively during your buying process so that you can avoid any surprises and can enjoy our products & services.

*Same email address means: use same email ID to buy program specific books & other digital products which you used to buy your that specific business training program.