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Launch your own Training Programs:

Cluevest's mission is to create growth by bringing in professional experts and help other people to get benefits from their expertise. We strongly encourage you to produce your own training programs and bring on our platform. We provide support, guidance from idea to creation and finally launch and sell to our big database of customers. Cluevest is a brand by professionals for the professional which means you need to have at least 3-4-year of professional experience ideally with a graduate degree. We have offices in USA and EU, and we expect the trainers from our major markets. 

Please reach out to us, so we can help you to produce and launch your Business training programs. The biggest advantages by launching Business training programs with us are:

  • Reach out to your target audience. 
  • Keep biggest portion of your sales [80%].
  • Get professional support from idea to a final product.
  • Everything is on your own terms; You own your product 100%. 

If you are a business trainer, author, speaker or just in a process to launch your products, please reach out to us, we can help you with everything and instead start everything from a start, you can use our platform and our audience to launch your products, and you own your products 100%. We even help you to avoid many mistakes, which can cost you a lot of time and capital, and you will be able to bring your products very fast in the market. You will make more money by having products/services through our platform than you do your own self or go on anywhere else. We have been on all the places and have experienced different technologies. Your administration cost, marketing budget, different tools & applications and time which you need to spend for customer services will eat up at least 45% of your sales + you need to make a heavy investment in the beginning to get everything  off the ground. With Cluevest, you focus only on your product/service, and we take care of everything and invest a substantial budget on marketing. 

Our platform also helps super busy professionals to produce their own Business training programs, and they can do this even beside their super busy professional career as they only need to produce a Business training program, and then we take care of everything  and market it to sell more to our customers. You keep 80% of sales, and we do all the administration, and you get your payments in your account every month. We would highly encourage to produce your own Business training program and bring on our platform. It's not only for money but instead Cluevest is about to make growth possible, and this is only possible for young professionals if they get a professional knowledge which you have gained after years of professional experience. Even if you have no idea, please reach out to us, we will help you to launch your first Business training program.  

Publish Your Books: 

Cluevest has its own publishing house and publishes books, digital products as a publisher. Cluevest is a well establish brand in its niche and target to executive professionals. With  a wider growing customers' database, this is a perfect opportunity for you to reach out to our audience. If you are in a process to write/launch your book, or you have no idea and first time seeing this page, we can help you to launch your book from idea generation to a final product. Cluevest mission is to make growth possible by bringing the professional expertises by different means to our customers and help them out to grow with our products & services.  

The biggest advantage by launching your books with us is that we are a well establish brand and an authority in the market, and in addition you get a lot of benefits. Some of the major advantages are:

  • Reach out to our target audience. 
  • Get branded by well established brand.
  • Your book instantly available with all other retailers.
  • Keep a major portion of your sales up to [20- 70%].
  • Everything  on your terms- You own your products.
  • Professional advice & support from idea creation to finally launch your book.

We have been on all the places, and we know how much it cost from idea to book launch and typically authors sell less than 20,000 books and still they need to keep going and spend a substantial amount on marketing, customer services; accounting and taxes, and a lot of other administrations and these all costs add up to more than 80% of your sales after deducting all the major retailers' sales commissions. With Cluevest, you are keeping a major portion of your sales, and we invest heavy amount on marketing to sell your books to our customers. 

Even if you are totally new and are first time reading this information, and if you are interested to write  a book and have no idea from where to start, please reach out to us, we can help you from idea generation to finally launch your book. Cluevest is a perfect place for super professional people to launch their book and get a higher percentage of their sales. Cluevest is a perfect solution for super busy professionals to launch their books. Professional people can focus on their job and still can get the book done together with our professional team, and our team can launch your book as soon as possible with a higher quality. With Cluevest, life becomes easy; you reach out to a wider audience; you sell more and your initial investment is minimum, and you get our professional advice & support. This is not only for money; Cluevest mission is to make growth possible, and we encourage to all professionals to publish at least 2-3 books in their entire career, and it starts right from here. Your professional expertise helps other young professionals to get more insights which help them to perform better and pick it up faster with their professional careers. 

Cluevest is a brand by professionals for the professionals which means you need to have at least 3-4 years of professional experience and ideally have a graduate degree. We have offices in USA and in EU, and it means our ideal authors would be from these markets. Please reach out to us, and we will help you out during the whole process to launch your book.   

Frequently asked Questions:

1: What does this mean, I will keep (20-70%) of sales? How much I will keep and when I will get my payments?
All your books which we sell directly from our platform and to our customers gives you 70% of sales, E-books from other retailers give you 50% of sales. Print edition from other retailers gives you 20% of sales. We do not sell print editions but make it available with other retailers. You get your payments at the end of each month. 

2: I am not a good writer; I am a super busy with my professional career; I have a family & other obligations. Can I write a book? How long time it will take for me to finish my book?
Stop this nonsense, you can write and finish your book as soon as possible with Cluevest's professional advice & support and your book will be finally launched in less than 3-6 months. Even if you have a busy professional life, all you need is to sit down and write every day 1-2 hours, and then you have your book finished in less than two months. Cluevest empowers you, encourages you and keep you in the loop; we have all the tools to mine your mind, please contact us.