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   Productive Boost 15X

Become a highest paid executive!

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                                                        Price: $27.99
                                       60 Days Money Back Guarantee!

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Productive Boost 15X Book is developed after a deep consideration and years of research by focusing on major problems and challenges that peoples face and which affect their productivity and performance. Productivity is a major indicator which measures many other important indicators in life for example: lifestyle, career opportunities, health, happiness, relationships, social status, etc. Many organizations and individuals are facing challenges due to lack of skills in key performance indicators that will drive productivity & performance.  

Productive Boost 15X is a complete step by step system which is developed after an intensive research, and it covers a wide range of key performance indicators. Book is based upon intensive research but still is written in an easy consumable context so that people can get a maximum value from this and can apply in their lives for to get their end desired results. 

Productive Boost 15X is not a book instead a complete step by step system to master those key indicators that will help you to increase your productivity and performance. Productive Boost 15X gives you powerful tools, strategies, inside secrets to increase your productivity & performance. 

Productive Boost 15X is a one-stop solution for a higher level of performance and positions you to get control on your life, career, destiny and help you to not only chase but also achieve a big success in your life. Productive Boost 15X is all in one formula for your: higher productivity & performance, happiness, health, romantic relationships, social status, luxury lifestyle; peace of mind, freedom & to build your destiny and future. 

Productive Boost 15X consists of 14 chapters, and each chapter is packed with full high-quality information based and backed by research and still presented in an easy consumable format. After reading this book, you will be much more highly productive & will be delivering higher results on your commitments.

If happiness, freedom and luxury lifestyle are where you feel home, then welcome to Productive Boost 15X!  

Insights for a higher & consistent performance!

Key topics Covered:

  • Introduction & building the foundation.
  • Building your powerful Personal & Business plan.
  • Goals planning and achievement's toolkit.
  • Mastering the vision for a hyper performance.
  • Powerful Productive Principles to build a brand, values and a higher performance.
  • Business & career progress strategies.
  • Projects planning & completion toolkit.
  • Effective Time Management.
  • Optimizing a perfect lifestyle for a higher performance.
  • Building organizational culture for a higher productivity.
  • Tools for effective utilization of human resources.
  • Tools & strategies for Personal Management.
  • Highly productive workflows' toolkit.
  • Tools & strategies to get rid of from all of your bad habits.
  • Conditioning your mind for a higher performance.
  • Strategies for to increase a creativity level.
  • Tools & strategies to empower organizations, businesses & people for to increase productivity & performance.
  • Tools & strategies for to have a higher-energy level.
  • Tools & strategies for to mine your inner forces for a higher performance.
  • Mastering the body language for a higher performance.
  • Optimizing the working environment for a higher performance.
  • Physical health & fitness plan for a higher performance.
  • Diet plan for a higher performance.
  • Optimizing the sleep for a higher performance.
  • Secret tools & formulas only exposed in the book for your long-term survival, growth & higher performance.
  • Building the mindset for a higher performance.
  • Tools & strategies for a better mental health.
  • Stress management tools & strategies.
  • Building your emotional health for stability, IQ & for a higher performance.
  • Getting control on yourself with effective Self-Management.
  • Tools & strategies for your spiritual health.

All in one formula for all of all that defines success! 

Major Benefits:

  • Fast track roadmap for success.
  • Gives clarity & increase a driving force.
  • Helps to build productive habits based on strong values.
  • Gives you a value system that build your brand based on performance.
  • Makes you a better executor.
  • Positions you for better career opportunities.
  • Gives you a roadmap from start to completion of projects.
  • Free up mental resources & energy, and improve lifestyle, health & wellness.
  • Easily consumable contents & faster implementation.
  • Increase Productivity & Performance.
  • Makes you more social & improve your health.
  • Makes you organized & disciplined.
  • Makes you good looking & good easy to going person.
  • Gives you an authority & Power.
  • Gives you a new face & better look that attracts beauty.
  • Improves your fitness & humour.
  • Makes you wiser & a better decision maker.
  • Brings freedom, prosperity & success.
  • Helps you to level up your game.
  • Professional advice & support available.
  • Makes you more result oriented.
       Boost me Up            
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                                                                                                                           Price: $27.99
                                                                                       60 Days Money-Back Guarantee!

Reposition for key positions by having a Productive Boost 15X!

Frequently asked Questions:

Q 1: In which edition book is available? How I will get this book?
Book is available in Kindle and EPUB edition. We even are working for to make available a PDF edition which even will be available in your dashboard once we launch that. Once you buy your book, it would be available immediately for you to download. 

Q 2: What is a best way to read E-Books?
If you want to read a kindle edition. Then you first should have a kindle installed on your computer/tablet/mobile. Kindle is available for computer/tablet/mobile version which you can download at no cost from Amazon.com. If you have kindle already installed, then just hold and move this file into your kindle, and then it would be available in your Kindle to read easily. 

If you want to read EPUB edition. You can install Adobe Digital Editions or Readium, which is available at no cost. Once you have any of them, then just hold and move your file into the software, and then it would be available in the software for to read it easily. 

Q 3: Does Print edition of the book is available? Is audio edition of the book is available?
Yes, print edition of Productive Boost 15X is available on all major book stores. Audio edition is not yet available, but we will try our best to bring it in the market. 

Q 4: What if I am not happy with the purchase? 
Our all products & services have a  30-days money-back guarantee. We are result-oriented and for us, our customers' success is very important. If you would not be happy with the value which we delivered, Please contact to our support team for a refund. 

Q 5: Can I give away book or share my account with others?
Our all digital products are for only one user. If your family & friends need our products, they can buy by themselves or even you can buy for them. Any illegal activity is going to have serious consequences on your financial health. You are not authorize even to lend our any digital product, including this book. 

Q 6: Is my credit card information & other data is secured?
We are using third party payment processing, which means we do not handle/store any of your Credit card data. You can pay with payPal or with credit card and Paypal is a reliable company, and they follow very strict rules of data processing. For other data, we have implemented a very strict policy and have taken all the necessary precautions. Your data is in safe hands. Please read our privacy policy for more details. 

Q 7: For whom this book is highly relevant?
No matter on which position and level you are, the productivity is the most important fundamental for you to succeed, lead, thrive and get that desired results. This is highly relevant for you if you are a human and have not read Productive Boost 15X book at least 3-4 times.

Q 8: How I can get a maximum value from the book?
Your mind cannot encode all the information by reading it one time. We would highly suggest that you read this book at least 3-4 times to get maximum benefits. Writing notes & discussing with your friends & family is also helpful for higher results & benefits.   

Q 9: What if I am not  a productive after reading this book 3-4 times? 

We would highly suggest that you take our Productive Boost 15X program. It comes with 15X workbook that helps you to master your habits and conditions you for a higher level of performance. Productive Boost 15X Program gives you much higher value than you buy only a book. The results are usually equal to the amount of effort & investment. So the best approach would be to level up with a Productive Boost 15X program. 

About the Author:

Victor Lake is a consultant, Business trainer, Keynote speaker; an author, trader/investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Victor Lake is a CEO of Cluevest, LLC. 

cluevest.com | personal development & Lifestyle  company | productivity

About the Cluevest:

Cluevest is a Performance maximization company and develops tomarrows executives, CEOs, leaders, business entrepreneurs, celebrities and athletes. Cluevest offers consultancy, training programs and different events to stimulate growth and development. Cluevest is more of a better lifestyle company and drives people and organizations for a higher level of performance. 
Cluevest develops top players and successful people and drive growth in the society. Cluevest maximizes people performance for a higher level of wealth, self-confidence and to live a better lifestyle. 

Cluevest is a global company and is doing business in more than 45 countries. Cluevest has its head office in Dallas, TX, USA and EU office is located in Stockholm Sweden.  

cluevest.com | personal development & Lifestyle  company | productivity